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Welcome to my E-portfolio!

I am a senior studying PR at Newhouse, the school of public communications at Syracuse University. To give my PR education a unique perspective, I joined the Fashion and Beauty Communications Milestone program, taking classes such as Fashion Video Production, Fashion Advertising, Contemporary Issues in Fashion and Beauty and Diversity in Media. This program gave me insight into both the potential for creativity in the communications industry and the responsibility of PR practitioners to advocate for diversity,  inclusion, and ethical business practices. 

The purpose of this website is to showcase my academic work, professional experiences, and independent projects.


What's the rest of my story?



I grew up in Northern NJ with a loud, original, artistic family. My mother is from Sweden and just recently became a U.S. citizen! Growing up in a "non-traditional" household gave me the freedom to imagine many paths for my future. I wanted to be a fashion designer, a professional dancer, a TV writer, a filmmaker, a journalist, and an artist.

The dreams I had as a kid may not have manifested in their original intent, but they are alive in who I am today. I am first and foremost, a lover of art. Whether that art is fashion, design, illustration, dance, or film and television, my passion for creative expression enhances every aspect of my work.

Lastly, I am a writer. Writing is not only a hobby, but also a powerful and challenging tool in the public relations and wider communications industry.  I am in love with language because of the endless possibilities given to us with which we express ideas and consume the world around us. As you can probably tell, I have strong opinions, but with that an unrelenting attention to detail and a love of creative collaboration. 

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